eInvoice API offerings to choose from.

Reduce change impact with Custom Input/Output

eInvoice – Custom

  • Custom Inbound and Outbound API payloads (connectors)
  • Custom file format include XML, JSON and more
  • Custom data format including option to merge data with multi-input.
  • Option to use masters/reference data

Request API

SFTP based eInvoice generation

  • Schduled sFTP/S3 based eInvoice generation
  • Custom Inbound and Outbound data formats and file types
  • Option to merge multisource input or use master/reference data
  • Multi-location processing

Request API

Simultaneous eInvoice and eWayBill

  • Generate eInvocie and eWayBill in single upload
  • Enriched APIs bundling multiple NIC API calls into 1
  • Option for customized API payloads.
  • S-FTP based integration with custom input and output options

Request API


Some of the great global enterprises are powered
by our eInvoicing solutions.


eInvoice IRN Pass Through APIs

Most reliable and most
affordable APIs in
packs of 10,000

₹ 0.25


eInvoice IRN & eWay bill
Custom APIs

Custom APIs – to generate IRN & EWB number Processing

₹ 0.40


eInvoice IRN & eWay bill APIs(with Custom Payloads)

Option to Post/Get Custom Payloads to process in Single or Batch Mode through API/ sFTP

₹ 0.80


eInvoice IRN API with eWay bill & GSTR1/ANX1

APIs – to transfer data to GSTR1/ANX1 after IRN & Eway bill generation for accurate filing

₹ 1.50